Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader programme is a web-based resource which utilises computer adaptive testing to assess pupil reading. It provides a list of books to match reading levels and on-line quizzes which not only evaluate understanding but also act as motivational tools.

The programme is implemented right through the junior school from year 8 to year 10. 

Pupil reading levels have been ascertained and pupils choose books at an appropriate reading level. Students are encouraged to read for 15 minutes every day and reading logs are kept. Boys visit the library out of class time to complete quizzes based on their books.



§       Reader profile is available and a clear path of reader development established.
§         Increased motivation:  Pupils are interested in their scores and want to improve
§         Increase in ability, increase in reading age.
§         Author awareness. In the book Oscar award ceremony and year 8 pupils were able to put forward some really interesting nominees.
§         Excitement - many pupils actually interested in writers. Indeed some are  keen to read all the books by a particular author irrespective of whether a quiz has been made available.
§         Weekly diagnostic reports monitor performance and those whose participation levels are low can be followed up. 


§         Identification of those who read quickly without really understanding the content.
§         Parental link: a Home Connect service allows parents to see a visual image of exactly what their children are reading and they may elect to receive emails when a pupil has completed a quiz.
§         Data produced is very useful for parent-teacher interviews where individual literacy can be monitored and discussed.
§         3-fold increase in borrowing levels from the school library.


‘(Accelerated Reader) proves that you actually read the book and it shows your understanding of it. I like moving up the levels and I like that it tells you your word count’
Year 8 pupil

‘The Accelerated Reader programme overall has been a resounding success. It now makes the pupils’ reading more meaningful and focused and of course gives the teachers excellent diagnostic information and other data that can be used to give pupils support and guidance. It has certainly encouraged the reading of the majority of boys and those reluctant readers can more easily be identified and supported’.
Mrs V McCord (literacy co-ordinator)

Results: Autumn 2012

Autumn term 2012  sees year 9 pupil David Stewart top of the leader board with almost 2 million words read. Close behind is Matthew Johnston from year 8 with year 10 Theo Millar snapping at his heels. Jordan Mitchell from year 8 and Morgan Lavery year 9 have each read well over 1 million words which is also amazing.In year 8 it is Larmor who are in the lead whilst Kelvin is the front-runner for year 9.