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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Is he a Time Rider?

Alex Scarrow, master-mind of the exciting sci-fi Time Riders series is the latest well-known author to visit RBAI. Storming onto the stage with his enthusiasm and humour, this ex-rock artist and ex-computer games designer completely hooked his year 9 audience! Boys loved the 'you-tube'trailer to his series, they were really excited by the fact that Alex used his games ideas as the basis for his amazing series of time riding novels and were thoroughly absorbed in Alex's rendition of an Irish accent when he read about Liam O'Connor being recruited as a Time Rider from the submerging Titanic.

Alex finished the event with a nail-biting quiz in whichthe frenzied competitive spirit of the RBAI boys was overwhelmingly evident!The quiz was won by the Red team in a Sudden Death play off - wonderful!

A few comments from the boys sum up the event:

'I wished I had bought the book, but I thought it would just be a book which I would find boring'

'It was brilliant. I loved it. I was hooked in the first sentence'

'He said "Time Travel is out there" and this made me tink about time travel and made me want to read his books as the ideas he has are amazing. I wish I could work with him'

preparing to be perplexed with Alex
preparing to be perplexed with Alex Scarrow

Alex asks the questions
Alex asks the questions

Team Blue
Team Blue

Team Red
Team Red

Enthusiastic quiz audience
Enthusiastic quiz audience

Sam keeping score
Sam keeping score



Chris Bradford visits RBAI library October 14th 2010

At last, after many failed attempts (don't ask, but the words volcanic and ash seem to spring to mind)  author of the Young Samurai books, Chris Bradford visited RBAI.Trained in karate and kickboxing, this samurai swordsman and former musician and songwriter hosted a really super event which was attended not only by year 8 pupils from RBAI but also by members of the SBALC schools including Fleming Fulton School, Aquinas, Hunter House and St Joseph's College. Pupils loved the samurai sword display, loved trying to sneak up on the ninja and couldn't wait to get their hands on 'The Way of the Warrior' and indeed join up for a martial arts class! One pupil said ' I never even knew authors were like this. I mean I just thought they sat at a desk all day writing stuff, I didn't know they did all this action and could be so much fun!'

Chris's latest book 'The Ring of Earth' has been short-listed for the Northern Ireland Book Award so log on to the website and see what everyone thinks of this book and then take a look at Chris's website to really get into the way of the Japanese warriors  

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